October 12th, 2021

Horwath asks why Ford is disadvantaging small business again

NORTH BAY — Official Opposition NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is demanding to know why Doug Ford is treating small, local businesses differently from the big players — again — after the Ford government announced a change that puts local business at a disadvantage.

“Small business owners from restaurants to bowling alleys are working hard to keep their head above water and keep paycheques coming for working folks,” said Horwath. “But again and again, Doug Ford gives the big fish a big advantage over small and local businesses. He did it when he shut local businesses down but allowed big box stores to sell anything. And he’s doing it now by saying burgers and pop in an arena are safer than burgers and pop at a local family-owned restaurant.”

Friday evening, the Ford government announced that some big businesses, like stadiums and theatres, can now operate at full capacity. Meanwhile, family-owned restaurants and other small businesses are forced to operate at a far lower capacity.

“Doug Ford needs to provide a credible explanation for why he’s treating mom-and-pop shops differently from his big fish buddies again,” said Horwath.